Fishing appears to be a great pastime for people living in the area of Pittock Lake. Whether below the dam, or like these serious anglers above the dam, there are favourite spots that many come to claim early on any given day. The dam that controls the water flow generally opens up late in the summer as the stream down river tends to dry up. The water in the lake becomes shallow and one can walk out on the sand bars that would normally be covered. I am 50 meters out into the lake looking back on the fishing group. This location gives a perspective that other times of high water would not be available.


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Maison Fournaise Restaurant, Chatou, France
Chatou, France
Ceiling at Sainte–Chapelle, Paris
Ceiling of Sainte Chapelle, Paris, Summer 2016
The D’Orsay Clock and view of Montmartre
From the Dorsay looking to Montmartre
Pittock Lake Dam
Pittock Lake Dam