Pittock Lake and Dam combine to control the waters that enter the Thames River System. The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority operates the Lake and Dam to ensure a constant height so that there is an even flow of waters downstream. Flood control where levels are high and augmentation where levels drop in drier months. In recent years, in the fall and winter the dam is opened reducing the water levels and exposing parts the lake bed.

Projects currently in the works.

The Project currently underway is to change the website done years before responsive design became the standard. Zurb Foundation for Sites is the design workflow I am presently using.

Landscape Photography continues to be of interest. Whether in travels or the backyard, there are scenes that tell stories.

Platted Tuna
Tuna close up food shot
Pittock Lake and Roth Park
Pittock Lake view through the trees
The Rock at Morro Bay
The Rock at Morro Bay
Cold Springs Tavern, Santa Barbara, California
Cold Springs Tavern